Carbon Advisory Services


PCC helps in developing projects under various carbon quantification standards, for both compliance and voluntary markets.


PCC facilitates the issuance of carbon credits- under different carbon market standards. These include Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), VER+,  Gold Standard (GS) etc.

PCC has developed an in-depth understanding of carbon markets, both compliance and voluntary. PCC trades on behalf of clients to maximize the monetary value of their carbon assets in both the compliance and voluntary markets either through over the counter (OTC) or exchange based transactions. 

Technology/Sectoral Coverage:

  1. Renewable Energy (hydro, Wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass)
  2. Waste Management (solid/liquid, industrial/municipal)
  3. Energy Efficiency (Industrial/commercial, residential)
  4. Plantations (afforestation, reforestation, bio-fuels)
  5. Agriculture
  6. Industrial Gas Destruction (HFC, N2O)
  7. Transportation etc.