Carbon Asset Management

Our world continues to grow, and growth requires energy.  Traditional forms of energy generation pollute, and our environment pays the price.  PCC envisions a world where our growth in energy requirements slows, because of energy efficient technologies and new ways of doing things, and where new energy increasingly displaces the old. 

Our Carbon Asset Development department has expertise in the entire carbon credit project cycle, starting with the identification and assessment of a project’s emission reduction potential. We guide you through the registration process under the Kyoto Protocol, assist with documentation, and facilitate certification under regulated standards  and verification under voluntary market standards.

As emerging markets lead the recovery from the global financial meltdown, the role of asset management companies becomes crucial. This is supplemented with changes in regulations bringing about increased compliance and more transparency.

In essence, we offer complete Compliance and Voluntary market consultancy services from supporting the Initial project identification, development stage, right through to Registration and also facilitate the Implementation, Monitoring, Verification & Sale of quality emission reduction credits. We provide a complete end to end solution for your carbon assets management.