Carbon Finance Benefits

Carbon Trading to Protect the Environment

Increasing numbers of companies are voluntarily offsetting the emissions associated with their activities as a part of their corporate social responsibility.  Greenhouse gases are emitted when fossil-fuelled energy is consumed.   Some corporate emissions can be managed - we can use less energy, travel less and use public transport - but some emissions are practically unavoidable. The environmental impact of these emissions can be offset by reducing elsewhere - helping someone else to emit less.  This is generally referred to as ‘carbon offsetting’. 

The idea behind offsetting is simple. You can calculate your emissions and then you can decide the amount to offset. You can then neutralise the impact of the emissions on the environment and climate change by investing in emissions offsets. The purchased offsets are 'retired' and taken out of circulation. When the offsets come from projects, the money you pay goes to a local community or business to help fund more environmentally-friendly (and lower emission) development options which can include new technology. The projects often have direct benefits to the local community. 

The offsets used can be Kyoto instruments – CERs – but often companies buy verified emission reductions (VERs). VERs are attractive, because they are of lower cost, and often come from small, sustainable projects which cannot afford to go through the UN certification process. 

PCC sources VERs for the voluntary markets.  It helps project developers to identify project opportunities, to finance the project, create the credits and to bring them to market to achieve the best price. 

Emission reduction sales in terms of CERs (Certified Emission Reductions)/ VERs (Verified Emission Reductions) can help to overcome financial and other barriers by:

  • Supplying an additional revenue source
  • Improving project economics (increasing IRR)
  • Enhancing project viability
Apart from this, a co-operation with us can entail you several other advantages too:

  • You contribute directly to climate protection, which is one of the most important challenge of the 21st century.
  • Public awareness and trust in your trademark increases.
  • Your company's sustainability rating is improved.
  • Loyalty of your employees and your customers is strengthed by showing responsibility towards the environment.
  • You sensitize your employees for a sustainable lifestyle both at the workplace and at home.