Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)


Project based Compliance market is based upon the fundamental principles of carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting involves calculating the entity’s Greenhouse Gas emissions and then purchasing ‘Carbon Credits’ from emissions of equivalent amount of greenhouse gases elsewhere. Initially, considered as a quick fix measure by industrialized countries to mitigate GHG emissions and to meet commitments under the cap and trade system, the project based compliances have now become an integral & holistic part of carbon management policies across organizations.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a flexible carbon offsetting measure of the project based compliances under the Kyoto Protocol has seen impressive success. The mechanism has twin objectives; first to assist developing countries to achieve sustainable development by permitting the industrialized developed countries to finance environment friendly projects, and the second - to achieve reductions in GHG emissions at the lowest possible economic costs across the globe.

Join hands with Positive Climate Care (PCC) to get the Benefits of CDM

Kyoto protocol/Voluntary GHG emission offsets trading system provides excellent business opportunities for different industries. We advise our clients on how to get profit from the opportunities offered by Kyoto Protocol/Voluntary trading system and show them how they can activate their hidden carbon assets.

PCC offers advisory services in the emission trading market under both, Compliance and Voluntary Structures and work across diverse project types such as Renewable energy sector (Wind , hydro, solar, biomass), Energy Efficiency, Green building sector, Agriculture, Waste Management and Fuel Switching.

We offer the following Carbon Advisory Services to our clients-

CDM Project Due -diligence & Project Development  
  • Identification of potential projects for CDM/VCS (Voluntary Market) participation
  • Techno-commercial due-diligence of the identified projects to select the most viable ones
  • Project Idea Notes (PINs) and Project Design Documents (PDD) as per UNFCCC format/Voluntary Market specific standard
  • Determination of suitable methodologies for Baseline determination
  • Development of Monitoring & Verification plan
Institutional & Regulatory Approvals  
  • Facilitate approval by host country ( India) by its Designated National Authority (DNA)
  • Identification of Designated Operational Entity (DOE) for Project validation
  • Facilitation of validation procedure with DOE
  • Apply for Registration at UNFCCC – CDM Executive Board
  • Facilitate the registration procedure
  • Identification of DOE for monitoring and verification
  • Facilitation of yearly monitoring & verification procedure
Carbon Selling / Trading Solutions  
  • Facilitate identification of suitable buyers of CERs (Certified Emission Reductions)/ VERs (Verified Emission Reductions)/ VCUs (Voluntary Carbon Units) in the best interest of project developer.

In essence, we offer complete Compliance and Voluntary market consultancy services from supporting the Initial project identification, development stage, right through to Registration and also facilitate the Implementation, Monitoring, Verification & Sale of quality emission reduction credits. We provide a complete end to end solution for your carbon assets management.