Welcome to POSITIVE CLIMATE CARE Private Limited

World is evolving with each passing day, focusing on various issues for the welfare of human being. Environment being one such major issue requires maximum attention.

Positive Climate Care Private Limited is one of the leading Indian Carbon Asset Management Company, active in the field of Climate Change, Kyoto Mechanisms and the Voluntary Market. Climate Change, the greatest challenge of the 21st century is the most pressing and dangerous threat to life on earth today.

PCC is an attempt to reWind the time by initiating process of reducing levels of  Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and clean up air for our future generation.

CDM/VER Projects
We provide client-focused services, specialized in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)/ Verified Emission Reductions (VER) projects whilst also working in Energy Audits, Waste Management and other environmental sectors. We deliver the value that clients care about, we provide ideas and solutions tailored to meet clients' needs and produce tangible results.
The main thrust of PCC's efforts are to
Understand and address the challenges of global climate.
Promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energy for rural development and for a cleaner environment.
Promote projects that contribute to Poverty reduction and Sustainable development.