Renewable Energy Services

PCC advises governments and corporate clients on a successful renewable energy strategy and offers services for energy companies, project developers and the financial sector to develop or invest in renewable energy projects: From market analysis to monitoring: PCC is a reliable and independent partner for your renewable energy projects.

Renewable energy is energy from a resource that is replaceable by existing flows of energy, such as sunshine, Wind, water, biological processes and geothermal heat flows. These energy resources might be used directly or indirectly as forms of energy. The contemporary interest in renewable energy is linked to the exhaustion of fossil fuels and environmental challenges created by the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. However, the burning of biomasses for heat and light have been exhausting natural resources for centuries, but the oil crisis and the green house effect have been strong motivations for the expansion of renewable energy.

The main renewable energy sources are Solar, Wind, Water, Geo thermal, and Biomass.
Solar energy is energy of the sun. It comes in the form of heat and light. And this can be converted to both electrical and mechanical energy.

Wind energy is converted into other useful forms of energy such as electrical energy with the help of Wind turbines or Wind-powered generators.

Water energy like Wind energy is also converted into electrical energy by using hydraulic power plants.

Geo thermal energy is heat from within the earth. We can use the steam and hot water produced inside the earth to generate electricity or heat buildings.

Biomass is organic material made from plants and animals. Some examples of biomass fuels are wood, crops, manure, and some garbage. Biomass fuels are burned to produce steam for making electricity, or to provide heat to industries and homes.