What We Do

Positive Climate Care specializes in sourcing, developing and trading emission reductions from greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction projects. PCC works with project developers throughout the emission reduction creation process, from initial assessments, developing full project documentation, steering the project through formal approval processes, and monitoring and verifying GHG reductions.

Positive Climate Care serves all of the world principal emissions markets, including the Kyoto markets (CDM), and the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCS).  We advise project developers, introduce investors to projects, and structure forward sales to enable project developers to fund their investments. All in all, an integrated set of services to bring environmental commodities to market, and to help our clients manage their energy and environmental risks world-wide.

As a project developer, PCC contracts with the owners of assets that have the potential to create emission reductions, build and operate projects. 

Positive Climate Care has extensive experience in providing advisory services to various organizations in regulated marketplace with support in bringing emission reduction projects into the market, as well as expert evaluations of GHG positions. PCC also provides services to companies either anticipating carbon regulation or developing a Voluntary Carbon Management Programme.

Along with this, PCC provides Project Management Consultancy services for Renewable energy projects (Solar and Wind); Power trading advisory and Sustainability reporting services to different business groups. It is also active in capacity building and CSR planning advisory for various public as well as private entities. PCC provides client-focused services; specialized in Energy Sector projects, works across diverse project types such as Renewable energy, Energy Efficiency, Green building, Agriculture and Waste Management sector.

PCC has offered its services to various public as well as private sector utilities. We have executed assignments for multilateral agencies such as Asian Development Bank (ADB).   Our clientele includes manufacturing and service organizations, financial institutions, governments, government-owned organizations, NGOs, semi-government enterprises and multilateral/bilateral companies in corporate sectors including construction, oil and petrochemical sector.